Sparse matrix functions.



   Elementary sparse matrices.

     speye14EP1IN       Sparse identity matrix.

     sprandnHNISLD     Sparse random matrix.

     sprandsymKMF2Q4   Sparse symmetric random matrix.

     spdiags1N6RNJL     Sparse matrix formed from diagonals.


   Full to sparse conversion.

     sparse1V5MDWP      Create sparse matrix from nonzeros and indices.

     full193XKU2        Convert sparse matrix to full matrix.

     find18RZCU2        Find indices of nonzero entries.

     spconvert4PUG0KE   Convert from sparse matrix external format.


   Working with nonzero entries of sparse matrices.

     nnzMWZYU2         Number of nonzero entries.

     nonzeros5RF50J0    Nonzero entries.

     nzmaxAYUATX       Amount of storage allocated for nonzero entries.

     spones2V0KRD5      Replace nonzero entries with ones.

     spalloc49690YK     Allocate memory for nonzero entries.

     issparseGBLOFB    True if matrix is sparse.

     spfun14FL0IN       Apply function to nonzero entries.


   Visualizing sparse matrices.

     spyN21XU2         Visualize sparsity structure.

     gplot2MZ47D6       Plot graph, as in "graph theory".


   Reordering algorithms.

     colmmd27BOBX      Column minimum degree.

     symmmd3MKDHXL      Symmetric minimum degree.

     symrcmYV5SQ7       Reverse Cuthill-McKee ordering.

     colperm8J9SXH     Order columns based on nonzero count.

     randperm55C09O    Random permutation vector.

     dmperm2AMLGCO      Dulmage-Mendelsohn decomposition.


   Norm, condition number, and rank.

     normest3D7HRZD     Estimate 2-norm.

     condest1WJ0ZXH     Estimate 1-norm condition.

     sprank2XXTJD5      Structural rank.


   Operations on trees.

     treelayout3HP6LU  Lay out a tree or forest.

     treeplot8LAUZ1    Plot a picture of a tree.

     etree4VHSWQ       Elimination tree of a matrix.

     etreeplot1JG242R   Plot the elimination tree.



     symbfactZVO8ZH    Symbolic factorization analysis.

     spparms2L4DUWN     Set parameters for sparse matrix routines.

     spaugment1JMRBSK   Form least squares augmented system.