Specialized math functions.



     besselj1LK10JI     Bessel function of the first kind.

     besselyZAPJ39     Bessel function of the second kind.

     besseliZAP039     Modified Bessel function of the first kind.

     besselk5OWN8US     Modified Bessel function of the second kind.

     beta9XFP0WV        Beta function.

     betainc9304ZD     Incomplete beta function.

     betaln9O75SY      Logarithm of beta function.

     ellipj6PE75G      Jacobi elliptic functions.

     ellipke06HI0VG     Complete elliptic integral.

     erfMO3EU2         Error function.

     erfc1U03BAB        Complementary error function.

     erfcx3CMX9KK       Scaled complementary error function.

     erfinvI19FQH      Inverse error function.

     gamma1LQPOWQ       Gamma function.

     gcdMPOCU2         Greatest common divisor.

     gammainc1BK97S    Incomplete gamma function.

     lcmMUOLU2         Least common multiple.

     gammaln3DEYYP5     Logarithm of gamma function.

     log221741AB        Dissect floating point numbers.

     pow21BY81U2        Scale floating point numbers.

     rat22C0RXR         Rational approximation.

     rats1DK5RU2        Rational output.

     cart2sph6AQIUFM    Transform from Cartesian to spherical coordinates.

     cart2pol1L8K1O3    Transform from Cartesian to polar coordinates.

     pol2cart2LWEPLM     Transform from polar to Cartesian coordinates.

     sph2cart2OYKHOE    Transform from spherical to Cartesian coordinates.