Character string functions.




     strings7VTKIY     About character strings in MATLAB.

     absMJNRU2         Convert string to numeric values.

     setstrT7JKFY      Convert numeric values to string.

     isstrMTG88W       True for string.

     blanks6R160SY      String of blanks.

     deblankK85R89     Remove trailing blanks.

     str2mat1MFGK03     Form text matrix from individual strings.

     eval184MKU2         Execute string with MATLAB expression.


   String comparison.

     strcmp6T1T1A      Compare strings.

     findstr6J3JB3     Find one string within another.

     upper8GDF0XM       Convert string to uppercase.

     lower8TR0E2       Convert string to lowercase.

     isletter1FOJ6GI    True for letters of the alphabet.


   String to number conversion.

     num2str12I1P6X     Convert number to string.

     int2str21BZMYE     Convert integer to string.

     str2num3O8TBU8     Convert string to number.

     sprintf3EML54     Convert number to string under format control.

     sscanf79JI56      Convert string to number under format control.


   Hexadecimal to number conversion.

     hex2num1Z7XNDS     Convert hex string to IEEE floating point number.

     hex2dec1YXHDDS     Convert hex string to decimal integer.

     dec2hex1NH93OI     Convert decimal integer to hex string.