Data-coordinate to figure-coordinate conversion.

  DC2SC is obsolete, but provided for upward compatibility from

  MATLAB 3.5.



  [Xs,Ys] = DC2SC(Xd,Yd) converts vectors or matrices Xd and Yd from 

  data-coordinates to normalized figure coordinates.  In 

  figure-coordinates, (0.0,0.0) is the lower-left corner of the figure

  and (1.0,1.0) is the upper-right corner.  For a 2-D plot, (Xmin,Ymin)

  is the lower-left corner of the axis box and (Xmax,Ymax) is the upper-

  right corner in data coordinates.  [Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax] are the

  current axis settings as returned by AXIS146URU2. 



  See also SC2DCR20ZIN.