Execute DOS command

  DOS('command'), for Windows systems, calls upon the DOS shell

  to execute the given command.  This causes a DOS Window to open

  and the program, command or batch file is run within that window.

  When the process is done executing, the window is automatically

  closed and control returns to the MATLAB Command Window.



  The following trailing characters have special meaning:

      '|' - Run the DOS command iconically.

      '&' - Return immediately to MATLAB, do not wait for process

            to finish.









  opens the DOS 5.0 editor in a DOS Window.



      dos('edit file.m &')



  opens the DOS 5.0 editor in a DOS Window, and returns control

  immediately to MATLAB.



      dos('type file.txt | sort > |')



  pipes file.txt through the sort command and creates an output

  file,  The only thing that is seen on the screen, 

  however, is a DOS icon.



  See also ! (exclamation point) under PUNCT72EU0LG.