Draw filled 3-D polygons in 3-space.

  FILL3(X,Y,Z,C) fills the 3-D polygon defined by vectors X, Y and Z

  with the color specified by C.  The vertices of the polygon

  are specified by triples of components of X, Y and Z.  If necessary,

  the polygon is closed by connecting the last vertex to the first.



  If C is a single character string chosen from the list 'r','g','b',

  'c','m','y','w','k', or an RGB row vector triple, [r g b], the

  polygon is filled with the constant specified color.



  If C is a vector the same length as X, Y and Z, its elements are

  scaled by CAXIS13534KK and used as indices into the current COLORMAPBOEE9I to

  specify colors at the vertices; the color within the polygon is

  obtained by bilinear interpolation in the vertex colors.



  If X, Y and Z are matrices the same size, one polygon per column

  is drawn. In this case, C is a row vector for "flat" polygon

  colors, and C is a matrix for "interpolated" polygon colors. 



  If any of X, Y or Z is a matrix, and the others are column vectors

  with the same number of rows, the column vector arguments are

  replicated to produce matrices of the required size.



  FILL3(X1,Y1,Z1,C1,X2,Y2,Z2,C2,...) is another way of specifying

  multiple filled areas.



  FILL3 sets the PATCH1T5W1TX object FaceColor property to 'flat', 'interp',

  or a colorspec depending upon the value of the C matrix.



  FILL3 returns a column vector of handles to PATCH1T5W1TX objects, one handle

  per patch. The X,Y,Z,C quads can be followed by parameter/value pairs 

  to specify additional properties of the patches. FILL3 does not respond 

  to the NextPlot axis property.