Minimize a function of several variables.

  FMINS('F',X0) attempts to return a vector x which is a local minimizer 

  of F(x) near the starting vector X0.  'F' is a string containing the

  name of the objective function to be minimized.  F(x) should be a

  scalar valued function of a vector variable.



  FMINS('F',X0,OPTIONS) uses a vector of control parameters.

  If OPTIONS(1) is nonzero, intermediate steps in the solution are

  displayed; the default is OPTIONS(1) = 0.  OPTIONS(2) is the termination

  tolerance for x; the default is 1.e-4.  OPTIONS(3) is the termination

  tolerance for F(x); the default is 1.e-4.  OPTIONS(14) is the maximum

  number of steps; the default is OPTIONS(14) = 500.  The other components

  of OPTIONS are not used as input control parameters by FMIN18VUMU2.  For more

  information, see FOPTIONS1TO5WEO.



  FMINS('F',X0,OPTIONS,[],P1,P2,...) provides for up to 10 additional

  arguments which are passed to the objective function, F(X,P1,P2,...)



  FMINS uses a Simplex search method.



  See also FMIN18VUMU2.