Read binary data from file.

  [A, COUNT] = FREAD(FID,SIZE281GDAB,PRECISION) reads binary data from the

  specified file and writes it into matrix A.  If COUNT is used,

  FREAD returns the number of elements successfully read. 



  FID is an integer file identifier obtained from FOPENZTI1WQ, or 0 for

  standard input.



  The size argument is optional; if not specified, the entire

  file is read; if specified, valid entries are:

      N      read N elements into a column vector.

      inf    read to the end of the file.

      [M,N]  read elements to fill an M-by-N matrix, in column order.



  The precision argument controls the number of bits read for each value

  and the interpretation of those bits as character, integer or floating

  point values.  Any of the following strings, either the MATLAB

  versions, or their C or Fortran equivalents, may be used.  If not

  specified, the default is 'uchar'.  In all cases, the resulting matrix

  elements are stored as long floating point values, as is all other

  MATLAB data.



      MATLAB    C or Fortran      Description



      'char'    'char'            character,  8 bits

      'schar'   'signed char'     signed character,  8 bits

      'short'   'short'           integer,  16 bits

      'int'     'int'             integer,  16 or 32 bits

      'long'    'long'            integer,  32 bits

      'float'   'float'           floating point,  32 bits

      'double'  'double'          long floating point,  64 bits

      'uchar'   'unsigned char'   unsigned character,  8 bits

      'ushort'  'unsigned short'  unsigned integer,  16 bits

      'uint'    'unsigned int'    unsigned integer,  16 or 32 bits

      'ulong'   'unsigned long'   unsigned integer,  32 bits



      'char'    'char*1'          character,  8 bits

      'float32' 'real*4'          32 bit floating point

      'float64' 'real*8'          64 bit floating point

      'int8'    'integer*1'       integer, 8 bits.

      'int16'   'integer*2'       integer, 16 bits.

      'int32'   'integer*4'       integer, 32 bits.



       'intN'                     signed integer, N bits wide

       'uintN'                    unsigned integer, N bits wide



       where N represents any value between 1 and 32.






      fid = fopen('fread.m','r');

      F = fread(fid);

      s = setstr(F')



  opens the file containing this HELP10NXOU2 entry, then reads and displays

  the entire file, using default size = inf and precision = 'uchar'.

  The resulting length(F) is the number of characters in the file.



  NOTE: The only supported precisions for Cray data are

        'char', 'schar', 'uchar', 'float', 'double', and 'float64'.



  See also FSCANF1N0KSG5, LOAD216YCAB.