Graphical input from a mouse or cursor.

  [X,Y] = GINPUT(N) gets N points from the current axes and returns 

  the X- and Y-coordinates in length N vectors X and Y.  The cursor

  can be positioned using a mouse (or by using the Arrow Keys on some 

  systems).  Data points are entered by pressing a mouse button

  or any key on the keyboard.  A carriage return terminates the 

  input before N points are entered.



  [X,Y] = GINPUT gathers an unlimited number of points until the

  return key is pressed.



  [X,Y,BUTTON] = GINPUT(N) returns a third result, BUTTON, that 

  contains a vector of integers specifying which mouse button was

  used (1,2,3 from left) or ASCII numbers if a key on the keyboard

  was used.