Plot axis scaling and appearance.

  AXIS([XMIN XMAX YMIN YMAX]) sets scaling for the x- and y-axes

  on the current plot.



  AXIS([XMIN XMAX YMIN YMAX ZMIN ZMAX]) sets the scaling for the

  x-, y- and z-axes on the current 3-D plot.



  AXIS('auto') returns the axis scaling to its default, automatic

  mode where, for each plot, xmin = min(x), xmax = max(x), etc.



  V = AXIS returns a row vector containing the scaling for the

  current plot.  If the current plot is two-dimensional, V has

  four components; if it is three-dimensional, V has six components.



  AXIS(AXIS) freezes the scaling at the current limits, so that if

  HOLD10XXCU2 is turned on, subsquent plots will use the same limits.



  AXIS('ij') puts MATLAB into its "matrix" axes mode.  The coordinate

  system origin is at the upper left corner.  The i axis is vertical

  and is numbered from top to bottom.  The j axis is horizontal and

  is numbered from left to right.



  AXIS('xy') puts MATLAB into its default "Cartesian" axes mode.

  The coordinate system origin is at the lower left corner.  The x axis

  is horizontal and is numbered from left to right.  The y axis is

  vertical and is numbered from bottom to top.



  AXIS('equal') changes the current axis box size so that equal tick

  mark increments on the x- and y-axis are equal in size. This makes

  PLOT3DFTRE7(SINN1UMU2(X),COS224HQXR(X)) look like a circle, instead of an oval.

  AXIS('square') makes the current axis box square in size.

  AXIS('image'), for images, makes the aspect ratio the same size as

  the image.  



  AXIS('normal') restores the current axis box to full size and

  removes any restrictions on the scaling of the units.

  This undoes the effects of AXIS('square') and AXIS('equal').



  AXIS('image') sets the aspect ratio and the axis limits so the

  image in the current axes has square pixels.



  AXIS('off') turns off all axis labeling and tick marks.

  AXIS('on') turns axis labeling and tick marks back on.



  [S1,S2,S3] = AXIS('state') returns strings indicating the

  current setting of three axis properties.  



     S1 = 'auto' or 'manual'.

     S2 = 'on' or 'off'.

     S3 = 'xy' or 'ij'.