On-line documentation. 

  HELP, by itself, lists all primary help topics.  Each primary topic

  corresponds to a directory name on MATLABPATH.



  "HELP topic" gives help on the specified topic.  The topic can be

  a command name or a directory name.  If it is a command name, HELP

  displays information on that command.  If it is a directory name, 

  HELP displays the Table-Of-Contents for the specified directory.

  It is not necessary to give the full pathname of the directory; 

  the last component, or last several components, are sufficient.



  For example, "help general" and "help matlab/general" both list

  the Table-Of-Contents for the directory toolbox/matlab/general.



  LOOKFORIO4ZCQ XYZ looks for the string XYZ in the first comment line

  of the HELP text in all M-files found on MATLABPATH.  For all files

  in which a match occurs, LOOKFORIO4ZCQ displays the matching lines.



  MORE3AIWCE7 ON causes HELP to pause between screenfuls if the help text

  runs to several screens.