Bar graph.

  BAR(Y) draws a bar graph of the elements of vector Y.

  BAR(X,Y) draws a bar graph of the elements of vector Y at

  the locations specified in vector X.  The X-values must

  be in ascending order.  If the X-values are not evenly spaced, the

  interval chosen is not symmetric about each data point.  Instead,

  the bars are drawn midway between adjacent X-values.  The endpoints

  simply adopt the internal intervals for the external ones needed.



  If X and Y are matrices the same size, one bar graph per column 

  is drawn.



  [XX,YY] = BAR(X,Y) does not draw a graph, but returns vectors

  X and Y such that PLOT3DFTRE7(XX,YY) is the bar chart.






  BAR(X,'linetype') or BAR(X,Y,'linetype') uses the plot linetype

  specified.  See PLOT3DFTRE7 for details.