MATLAB Benchmark



  BENCH times five different MATLAB tasks and compares the

  execution speed with the speed of several other computers.

  The problem sizes are chosen so that each task requires about

  one second on a Sun SPARC-2. The five tasks are:



   Loops     For loops and "zeros".   Strings and "malloc".

   LUM9XTU2        MATLAB's "LINPACK".      Primarily floating point.

   Sparse    Solve sparse system.     Mixed integer and floating point.

   3-D       Surf plot of "peaks".    3-D polygonal fill graphics.

   2-D       plot(fft(eye)).          2-D line drawing graphics.



  BENCH runs each of the five tasks 10 times.

  BENCH(N) runs each of the five tasks N times.

  TIMES = BENCH(N) returns a vector with the five execution times.

  On a Sun SPARC-2, BENCH(N) would nominally produce [N N N N N].

  Smaller values are faster, larger are slower.



  A final bar chart shows speed, which is inversely proportional to 

  time.  Here, longer bars are faster machines, shorter bars are slower.



  CAVEAT: Fluctuations of five or 10 percent in the measured times

  of repeated runs on a single machine are not uncommon.

  Your own mileage may vary.