Display image (create image object).

  IMAGE(C) displays matrix C as an image.  Each element of C

  specifies the color of a rectilinear patch in the image. The

  elements of C are used as indices into the current COLORMAPBOEE9I

  to determine the color.



  IMAGE(X,Y,C), where X and Y are vectors, specifies the labeling of

  X- and Y-axes, but produces the same image as IMAGE(C). Only the

  first and last elements of X and Y are used for the axis limits.



  IMAGE returns a handle to an IMAGE object.



  C or the X,Y,C triple can be followed by parameter/value

  pairs to specify additional properties of the image.

  C or the X,Y,C triple can be omitted entirely, and all

  properties specified using parameter/value pairs.



  IMAGE sets the YDir axis property to 'reverse', and the View

  axis property to [0 90].  The image object will not render at other

         View angles.  To get a similar effect to rotating an image, use

         SURF1F43EU2 with texture mapping or PCOLOR7C1IVA.



         Execute GETMPQSU2(H), where H is an image handle, to see a list of image

         object properties and their current values. Execute SETN1QSU2(H) to see a

         list of image object properties and legal property values.