MATLAB internal states.

  INQUIRE('echo') returns 1 if ECHO17LTNU2 is on, 0 if ECHO17LTNU2 is off.

  INQUIRE('casesen') returns 1 if CASESEN is on, 0 if off. 

  INQUIRE('hold') returns 1 if HOLD10XXCU2 is on, 0 if HOLD10XXCU2 is off.



  [S,V] = INQUIRE('axis') returns S=0 if AXIS146URU2 is autoranging,

  S=1 if the AXIS146URU2 is frozen.  Vector V contains the current

  axis limits, V = [Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax].



  INQUIRE('subplot') returns the current SUBPLOT79V3U3 state, e.g.

  111, 211, 223, etc.



  [F,D] = INQUIRE('format') returns strings F and D such that

  EVAL184MKU2(F),EVAL184MKU2(D) would restore the current format state. 

  F is a string like 'format short e' or 'format hex'.

  D is either 'format compact' or 'format loose'.



  [S,FNAME] = INQUIRE('diary') returns S=0 if the diary is

  off, S=1 if the diary is on, and the name of the current

  diary file in FNAME.  FNAME is empty if no file is named.



  This function is obsolete.  Please use GETMPQSU2 to inquire

  state values.