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Help is available for MATLAB functions in the following areas. The 
subject names also correspond to the directory names in which the 
corresponding M-files are stored. 
COLOR - Color control and lighting model functions.
DATAFUN - Data analysis and Fourier transform functions.
DEMOS - Demonstrations and samples.
ELFUN - Elementary math functions.
ELMAT - Elementary matrices and matrix manipulation.
FUNFUN - Function functions - nonlinear numerical methods.
GENERAL - General purpose commands.
GRAPHICS - General purpose graphics functions.
IOFUN - Low-level file I/O functions.
LANG - Language constructs and debugging.
MATFUN - Matrix functions - numerical linear algebra.
OPS - Operators and special characters.
PLOTXY - Two dimensional graphics.
PLOTXYZ - Three dimensional graphics.
POLYFUN - Polynomial and interpolation functions.
SOUNDS - Sound processing functions.
SPARFUN - Sparse matrix functions.
SPECFUN - Specialized math functions.
SPECMAT - Specialized matrices.
STRFUN - Character string functions.
  You can also refer to the function INDEX for a complete listing of 
  all the functions for which help is available.