Other Software

Useful, useless, funny software and Visual Basic source code.


BlinkingLabel Shows you a flashing label!
BoldandItalicText Displays text in bold and italic font!
ButtonChoice Tells you which button you have pressed!
Calculator Simple, useful calculator! Online
CheckAppPath Tells you the program's folder!
Color2Hex 1.00 Useful Convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal! Online
ColoredLinkLabel Displays a colored clickable LinkLabel!
ComboBoxChoice Choose an item from a ComboBox control!
Cube Number Calculate the cube number of a number! Online
DragDropRotate Drag, drop and rotate an image!
EmptyIECache Empties the Temporary Internet Cache!
File List Displays a file list of a folder!
Form Background Press button to change the form background!
Form Validation Checks input fields for errors!
Fun Insulter Create you own insults! Online
Goto Website Launch browser and surf to a website!
HBlackJack 1.00 Playable Simple BlackJack card game! Online
HEncrypt 1.00 Useful Simple encrypt and decrypt program Online
Image Changer Hoover the mouse over a picturebox and it changes color!
Not Found 1.00 Useless Tells you if a text string is in the database.
Label Color Change Hoover the mouse over a label and it changes color!
Login Check Checks password if it is correct or not!
Mail List 1.00 Very small Email program!
MessageBox Alert Displays messagebox with title and prompt!
Moon Landing Countup Displays the time since the first moon landing!
New Year Countdown Displays the time until New Year!
Password Textbox Enter an invisible password in a textbox!
PI Calculator Another PI Calculator! Online
Text Pong Playable Ping Pong in a textbox! Online
Point Guard Proficiency NBA Point Guard Proficiency calculator!
Popup Form Press a button and a form pops up!
Quantity Price Calc Calculates the price of quantities! Online
Random Background Dipslays a random background on a form!
Scroll Clock Watch a textbox scroll clock!
Select Folder Select a folder with the FolderBrowserDialog!
Show Picture Shows a picture in picturebox in runtime!
Square Number Calculate the square number of a number! Online
Temperature Converter Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit! Online
URL Query String Parser Queries an URL Query String!
Virus Alert Displays a fake virus message!