Mouse 9.0 Err Msg: "Error Reading File" with README.EXE (100480)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 9.0

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When README.EXE is launched, it scans the directory from which it was executed for README.TXT. If README.TXT is not found in the current directory, the following error message appears:

Error reading file


The 9.0 Microsoft Mouse driver comes with a utility that allows you to view the README.TXT file easily. This utility is called README.EXE and is found in your MOUSE subdirectory.

README.EXE looks in the directory from which it was started only (not necessarily the directory where it resides) for README.TXT. If it finds this file, it loads it. If a README.TXT is not present, you receive the above error message.

To view the README.TXT file that comes with the 9.0 mouse driver, first change to the MOUSE directory, then run README.EXE.

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