Using MS-DOS 6 with IBM Lan Server 2.0 Remote Boot (100537)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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IBM Lan Server 2.0 does not directly support Remote Boot with MS-DOS 6.0. It was released before MS-DOS 6.0 and supports MS-DOS through version 5.0 only. However, the procedure in this article should allow you to use MS-DOS 6 with IBM Lan Server 2.0 Remote Boot.


Follow these steps to enable IBM Lan Server 2.0 Remote Boot to work with MS-DOS 6:
    Using a machine that has a floppy disk drive, run SETUP /F to create a MS-DOS 6 Startup disk. For more information, see page 178 in the "User's Guide."
    To free additional disk space, delete DBLSPACE.EXE from the Startup disk you created in step 1.
    Expand RAMDRIVE.SYS to this Startup disk. For example, type expand b:\ramdrive.sy_ a:\ramdrive.sys at the MS-DOS command prompt and then press ENTER.
    At the OS/2 remote boot server, install the DOS Remote IPL Service as outlined in your IBM Lan Server manuals.
    When you are prompted for the programs to copy to the fixed disk choose MS-DOS 5.0, even though you will actually be using MS-DOS 6.
    When asked to specify the total number of MS-DOS disks, press 1.
    When prompted for MS-DOS disks, insert the MS-DOS 6 Startup disk created in step 1.
    Complete your installation of DOS Remote IPL Service as normal. Your remote boot workstation should boot from MS-DOS 6.
    Install the rest of the MS-DOS 6 files in the directory on the server (the default name for this directory is IBMLAN\DOSLAN\DOS) with one of the following methods:
      On a machine with a hard disk drive running MS-DOS 6, run SETUP /Q to a directory on the local hard disk drive and then copy the resulting files in this directory (and all the MS-DOS 6 files) to the IBMLAN\DOSLAN\DOS directory on the server. -or-

      Expand the MS-DOS 6 files from the floppy disks into your IBMLAN\DOSLAN\DOS directory on the server. -or-

      If the server is configured for dual boot, boot into MS-DOS and run SETUP to the IBMLAN\DOSLAN\DOS directory on the server.

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