Inaccuracies in DoubleSpace Manager Change Size Screen (100953)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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The Change Size screen in DoubleSpace Manager (DBLSPACE.EXE) states that the value for "new free space" is based on a number equal to the current estimated compression ratio (ECR). This is incorrect; this value is based on the current actual compression ratio (ACR).


When you use DoubleSpace Manager to change the size of a compressed drive, a screen similar to the following is displayed:
                             Compressed          Uncompressed
                              Drive C:           Drive H:
Current drive size:           189.13 MB         101.00 MB
Current free space:           149.26 MB           2.47 MB

Minimum free space:              .12 MB            .54 MB
Maximum free space:           128.55 MB          76.71 MB

New free space:               125.30 MB**      [2.47 ] MB

** based on an estimated compression ratio of 2.0 to 1.
NOTE: The numbers above are examples only.

The value for new free space is accurate. (It will be the new size of the compressed drive after resizing.) However, the value for new free space is based on an ECR equal to the current ACR, not the current ECR as DoubleSpace suggests.

This discrepancy can cause misleading values for minimum free space and maximum free space. In particular, maximum free space is often less than the current free space, as seen in the above example.

NOTE: When DoubleSpace resizes a compressed drive, it changes the ECR from its current value to a new value equal to the current ACR.

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