Stacker Conversion Hangs at "Loading DoubleSpace Setup..." (102211)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

This article was previously published under Q102211


When you run CONVERT.BAT from the Stacker Conversion Disk, the following message is displayed:

Press ENTER at the DoubleSpace Setup Welcome screen to begin converting your Stacker drives.

Loading DoubleSpace Setup...


CONVERT.BAT displays the above message and calls the MS-DOS CHOICE command with the following parameters to pause for five seconds before continuing
   choice /ty,5 /n > nul
where "/ty,5" allows CHOICE to accept only the "Y" key or to default to "Y" after five seconds and continue; "/n" causes CHOICE not to prompt for user input; "> nul" redirects output from CHOICE so that it is not displayed on screen.

This problem occurs if a key other than "Y" is pressed when the message appears. Once pressed, the countdown timer stops and waits for the required key to be pressed. The computer appears to be hung at that screen although it is actually waiting for the "Y" key to continue.


If the computer appears to stop responding (hang) when this message appears on the screen, press the letter "Y" on the keyboard to continue the DoubleSpace conversion.

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