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Microsoft no longer sells an extension cable for the InPort (bus) Microsoft Mouse. The cable for the 2.0 version of the bus version of the Microsoft Mouse is approximately 1.5 feet shorter than the cable for the 1.0 version of the Microsoft Mouse.


There are two methods for extending the length of the mouse cable:
    You can purchase a manufactured extension cable from a cable manufacturer or reseller. -or-

    You can build the extension cable.
There are resellers who sell extension cables for most types of cables, including cables for bus mice.

NOTE: The InPort or bus mouse connector is called a 9-pin Hosiden connection. The connector may also be called a 9-pin mini-din connection.

The vendor below confirmed it offers bus extension cables that work with bus versions of the Microsoft Mouse:
   Precision Cable and Connector Company
   2983 NW Raleigh St.
   Portland, OR 97210
   Telephone: (503) 222-4323
   Fax:       (503) 223-0656
Microsoft is not aware of any special considerations for special installation, such as alignment to compensate for cable characteristics, special cable termination (R, RC, and so forth), needed for line drivers, or noise-immunity considerations.

WARNING: Changing the mouse cabling may cause the computer to violate FCC Electromagnetic Interference regulations. The computer may interfere with nearby television or radio reception. Operation in a residential environment is especially ill-advised, and such a configuration CANNOT be offered for sale without extensive testing and FCC certification.

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