You Must Use "DBLSPACE /FORMAT A: " to Format That Drive (108750)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.2

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If you unmount a compressed volume file (CVF) on a floppy disk drive and then try to use the MS-DOS FORMAT command to format a floppy disk, you may receive the following message

You must use "DBLSPACE /FORMAT <X>:" to format that drive.
where <X> is the floppy disk drive letter.


This message is caused by the new Automount feature in MS-DOS 6.2. Any command that attempts to access a floppy disk drive containing a disk with a CVF mounts that CVF.


To work around this problem:
    Change to the drive letter that contains the compressed floppy disk (usually A: or B:) by typing A: or B:.
    Type dblspace /unmount <x>: where <x> is the floppy disk drive letter.
    Type format <x>: where <x> is the floppy disk drive letter.

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