Microsoft Mouse Driver 9.0: Pointer Options Not Saved (111409)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft Mouse Driver for Windows 9.0
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 9.0
    Microsoft Natural Keyboard with IntelliType software 1.0

This article was previously published under Q111409


When you use the Extra Points features in the Mouse Manager program included with the Microsoft Mouse driver, the pointer options are not saved or written to the MOUSE.INI file when you are running a virus-protection program, such as Microsoft Anti-Virus (MSAV) or Central Point Anti-Virus (CPAV).


To correct this problem, remove the CHKLIST.MS or CHKLIST.CPS file in the directory containing the mouse files. To determine the location of that directory, type set at the MS-DOS command prompt. MS-DOS will return a list of locations of various files and memory strings. Look for the MOUSE= line, and then go to that directory and delete the CHKLIST.MS or CHKLIST.CPS file.

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