CPAV Reports COMMAND.COM Infected with Unknown Virus (113163)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.2

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When you run Central Point Anti-Virus (CPAV) version 2.1 prior to running MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up and then run it again after running Step-Up, CPAV reports the following message:

File COMMAND.COM is infected by an unknown virus
The virus size is 1,694 bytes
Infection type is End COM
Clean, Continue or Stop
NOTE: CPAV may also report the above error message for the file TREE.COM. Central Point Anti-Virus version 9.0 has also exhibited this behavior.


According to Central Point Technical Support, this error is not actually caused by a virus. Central Point Anti-Virus detects a change in the file size of COMMAND.COM and reports "unknown virus" based on this change.

The "virus" size is 1,694 bytes, which is exactly the difference in the size of MS-DOS 6.0 COMMAND.COM and MS-DOS 6.2 COMMAND.COM.


According to Central Point Technical Support, you can work around this problem by choosing Stop when the above message appears. Next, delete the SMARTCHK.CPS files from the root directory and the DOS directory; or, delete all SMARTCHK.CPS files on the drive (to do that, choose Delete Smartchecks from the Scan menu in CPAV. Then, run CPAV again.


For more information, contact Central Point Technical Support.

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