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Interleaf's family of document management programs support import and export of Rich Text Format (RTF), which all versions of Microsoft Word can both read and write.
    Interleaf WorldView uses component application Interleaf WorldView Press to import text from RTF.
    Interleaf 6 for Windows and Interleaf 6 for Motif import and export RTF, and the Interleaf 6 Active Link Tools component application imports RTF.
    English, European, and Japanese language versions of Interleaf 5 for DOS each import RTF.
Interleaf applications currently cannot read an RTF file generated by Word 6.x or later. However, they can read RTF generated by any earlier version of Word.

According to Interleaf Technical Support, an updated filter that allows WorldView and Interleaf 6 to import Word 6.0 for Windows RTF as well as WMF and PICT graphics in an RTF file was scheduled for availability in July, 1994. This release can read a Word 6.0 RTF file but does not retain any formatting features new to Word 6.0. An additional release scheduled for later in 1994 added support for retention of Word 6.0 formatting features.

An updated release to allow Interleaf 5 for DOS to read Word 6.0 RTF was also scheduled for Fall, 1994.


The Interleaf family of products build document management systems that:
    Manage information developed by word processors, graphic packages, spreadsheets, database managers, and other applications.
    Assemble complex WYSIWYG and multimedia documents automatically and dynamically from data generated from various sources across a network.
    Create and deliver on-line WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) documents, formatted for on-screen readability, with tools for finding specific information.
Components of Interleaf's family of products include:

Interleaf WorldView

According to Interleaf, WorldView allows organizations to distribute online versions of documents developed with a variety of word processor or desktop publishing software. It incorporates information retrieval techniques such as hyperlinks and full-text retrieval so that users can locate information in a large document set.

WorldView uses the WorldView Press document production toolkit application to import RTF documents, compress them, add hyperlinks, and create a full- text index. RTF documents are then processed into a collection of read-only files ready to be viewed with the WorldViewer.

Interleaf 6

Interleaf 6 assembles and automatically lays out what may be extremely long and complex documents. The contents may come from dynamic links to RTF data generated by Word.

Interleaf 6 uses the Interleaf 6 Active Link Tool component application to create dynamic (live) links to data in Word RTF documents. The third-party products mentioned here are manufactured by a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability.

Support for Interleaf applications is the sole responsibility of Interleaf, Incorporated. For more information, contact:

Interleaf, Incorporated
Prospect Place
9 Hillside Avenue
Waltham, MA 02154
(617) 290-0710

The third-party contact information included in this article is provided to help you find the technical support you need. This contact information is subject to change without notice. Microsoft in no way guarantees the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

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