Running Setup for the DoubleSpace Conversion from a Hard Disk (119213)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.22

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This article explains how you can run the MS-DOS 6.22 DoubleSpace conversion setup program from a drive other than a floppy disk drive.


If a floppy disk drive is not present on the system and you want to run the DoubleSpace-to-DriveSpace conversion setup program, you can run it from the hard disk drive or any other drive. To do so, the files included with the conversion program must be located in the root directory of the drive you want to run Setup from. If the files are not located in the root directory of the drive, you receive the following message

An error occurred while reading <drive>:\DRVSPACE.MR1
where <drive> is the drive from which you ran SETUP.EXE.

The following files need to be in the root directory:
   DBLCDESC TXT   2,460   05-31-94   6:22a
   DRVSPACE MR1     512   05-31-94   6:22a
   README   TXT   2,830   05-31-94   6:22a
   SETUP    EXE   9,151   05-31-94   6:22a

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