Err Msg: DRVSPACE.SYS Is Not the Same Internal Revision as... (120727)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.22

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The following error message is displayed:

DRVSPACE.SYS is not the same internal revision as DRVSPACE.BIN


This error occurs when a DriveSpace system contains an older version of the DBLSPACE.BIN file from MS-DOS 6.0 in the root directory and the DRVSPACE.SYS file is being referenced from the CONFIG.SYS file. (The error should actually read "DRVSPACE.SYS is not the same internal revision as DBLSPACE.BIN.")

The older version of DBLSPACE.BIN exists if the upgrade from MS-DOS 6.0 to 6.22 didn't correctly update this file (or if the 6.0 version was somehow restored).


To correct this problem, replace the older DBLSPACE.BIN file with the DBLSPACE.BIN file from the MS-DOS 6.22 disks. (Expand DBLSPACE.BI# from Disk 1 of the MS-DOS 6.22 disk set. The file date is 5-31-94.)


If the DBLSPACE.BIN file from MS-DOS 6.0 is used to mount DoubleSpace compressed volume files (CVFs) on an MS-DOS 6.22 system, DBLSPACE.BIN does not generate an error. However, when the CONFIG.SYS file references DRVSPACE.SYS, the aforementioned error occurs at startup.

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