Incorrect Err Msg in DriveSpace Uncompress Help (121151)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.22

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When you are using MS-DOS 6.22 to uncompress a DriveSpace compressed volume file (CVF) and one or more damaged files exist on a CVF host drive with less than 2 megabytes of free disk space, the following error message is displayed:

ERROR: There has been a disk error while accessing H:\TIMEBI.FOT. You can either try again or skip this file. If you skip this file, it will be left on the newly-created drive. To try again, press R. To skip this operation, press S.
When you choose Help, the following error message is displayed:



DriveSpace cannot compress the specified file because it cannot gain access to it. Because this issue involves uncompressing a DriveSpace CVF, the "HELP -- FILE ACCESS ERROR" should actually read as follows:

DriveSpace cannot uncompress the specified file because it cannot gain access to it. Before you can uncompress drive H, you must quit DriveSpace and correct the problems by typing SCANDISK /S H: C: at the MS-DOS command prompt.
A damaged compressed file cannot be moved to a non-CVF area to later be repaired and uncompressed; therefore, the option to skip is invalid in this situation.


To work around this problem, try copying and compressing the file again. To skip this file and continue with the compression process, choose the Skip button. When DriveSpace finishes compressing your drive, the specified file is located on the new uncompressed drive rather than on the compressed drive. To move the file to your compressed drive, run the ScanDisk program on the uncompressed drive, and then copy the file by using the MOVE and COPY commands.

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