Summary List of MS-DOS 6.22 Confirmed Bugs (121637)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.22

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The following is a list of confirmed bugs in MS-DOS version 6.22. For more information about each issue, query in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the article identifier (ID).

SUMMARY Listing for MS-DOS Version 6.22

Article ID  Article Title

72412 Math Coprocessor Detection Hangs System in QBasic
76242 Error Message During MS-DOS 6.x Setup Due to Invalid PATH
82216 Command Piped in Root Directory May Hang Machine
82270 ATTRIB Command May Inadvertently Remove File Attributes
94356 CMOS Access Causes Some Machines to Hang with EMM386.EXE
95819 MS-DOS DEFRAG Err Msg: "Insufficient Memory..."
96180 VSafe Err Msg: Program Is Trying to Write to Hard Disk
97595 Getting Past the 128-Character PATH Limit
100742 Problems Running MSAV While MIDI File Is Playing
100992 Incorrect Message Displayed When Retrieving Catalog Files
102646 REPLACE.EXE Checks and Copies Only 255 Files
105062 MS-DOS Err Msg with DiscTec: Unrecoverable Disk Error
105255 Err Msg with Removable Media: Dblspace Cannot Mount Drive...
105927 MS-DOS 6.x Backup Err Msg: "...Catalog File Is Corrupt"
106124 Microsoft 6.x Backup Doesn't Back Up Empty Subdirectories
106427 MS-DOS 6.2x ScanDisk Fails to Correct MDBPB Problem
115178 Drive Access Problems with Dual-Capacity Bernoulli Drive
119072 DoubleSpace/DriveSpace Limits on 1028-MB to 1153-MB Partitions
120768 Creating Single Startup Disk with MS-DOS 6.22 Upgrade Setup /F

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