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The white-button Bus Mouse, version 1.0 interface card (Revision G) is an InPort interface half-size card. When installing the interface card, the jumper settings J2, J3, and J4 must be correctly set for the mouse to function properly.


The J2 jumper setting allows you to use your Bus mouse from slot 8 if you have an IBM PC XT. Set the top two pins to the "XT SLOT 8" configuration. If you have an IBM PC, AT, or some other non-IBM PC XT, you can leave the jumper setting on the "Normal" position (the lower two settings).

The J3 jumper setting allows you to set another I/O address space other than the default 23C-23F. The "Primary" settings are the top two settings, while the "Secondary," which has the I/O address 238-23C, is the bottom two settings.

Microsoft recommends that you only change this setting if another InPort interface hardware item is used in your system or if another system peripheral card is using the same I/O addresses.

The J4 jumper setting allows you to select an IRQ or machine interrupt. Microsoft recommends that you select an interrupt from two through five that is not used in your system. In most instances, although you should confirm that another card is not using the same interrupt, an IBM PC or XT has interrupt two available for you to use and an IBM PC AT usually has interrupt five available.

Refer to Page 6 of your "Microsoft Mouse User's Guide" for more information.

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