Microsoft Mouse and the Compaq SLT Laptop Computer (43525)

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    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS

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The Microsoft Mouse may not work on a Compaq SLT laptop computer using the version 6.14 of the Microsoft Mouse Driver. However, the mouse should work correctly if version 6.24 or later is used. If you experience problems with mouse functionality on a Compaq SLT laptop, upgrade to the current version of the mouse driver.

Should problems persist, request a ROM BIOS update from Compaq.


Compaq states that their SLT laptop computer works with the Microsoft Mouse Driver, version 6.24 or later. This may not be the case if the ROM BIOS version number on the Compaq is earlier than "G2B." The number "G2A" is an earlier version and, therefore, is suspect. "G2C" is a later version and should work correctly. To find out which ROM version you have, you must type ROM REV in the diagnostic program provided by Compaq with the computer.

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