Bus Mouse Port on Leading Edge 386 SX (64178)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 6.x
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 7.x
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 8.x
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 9.0
    Microsoft InPort Mouse 1.0
    Microsoft InPort Mouse 2.0

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The Leading Edge 386 SX computer has what appears to be a PS/2-style mouse port near the keyboard connector. This is actually an InPort mouse connector designed for a Microsoft-compatible bus mouse, according to Page 6-13 of the "Leading Edge 386 SX User's Guide." The connection is a standard hosedin connector for an InPort mouse.

There is one switch that may or may not be in the correct position to install the mouse. This is Switch 3 on the motherboard. This must be in the ON position or the mouse will not install.

This information applies to the Microsoft Bus/InPort Mouse for MS-DOS and OS/2 systems.

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