Packard Bell Packmate Computer Specifications (64752)

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Packard Bell states that the Packard Bell Packmate 386 SX computer should be set up as an MS-DOS or PC-DOS computer with VGA graphics.


The Packard Bell Packmate specifications are as follows:
   80386 SX 8/16 MHz processor
   Phoenix BIOS (currently shipping 1.10 A10)
   Built in VGA (Paradise Chip set)
   Autoswitching (see note #1)
   PS/2 mouse port
   (2) Serial and (1) parallel ports
   (1) 3.5-inch HD drive and (1) 5.25-inch HD drive
   (1) MFM or RLL hard drive (see note #3)
   1 MB memory (includes 384K extended memory)
   Machine speed is software switchable
   Motherboard memory is on SIMMS chips
   (4) 16-bit slots
   (1) 8-bit slots


    The built-in VGA includes the autoswitch feature and may need to be disabled to properly install and run Windows. To disable the autoswitch feature, jumper number 13 on the motherboard needs to be changed from pin position 2-3 to position 1-2.

    The built-in VGA comes with 256K of memory that is not expandable; to increase video memory, you would have to purchase a separate graphics card and then disable the motherboard built-in VGA.

    The built-in VGA supports the following resolutions:
          Resolution            # Colors
          ----------            --------
          40 x 25               16
          320 x 200             4 or 16
          640 x 200             2 or 16 or 256
          640 x 350             16 or 256
          640 x 480             16 or 256
          720 x 400             16
          800 x 600             16

    Interrupts that are normally used by hardware in a standard Packmate include the following interrupts:
          IRQ     Hardware Used By
          ---     ----------------
          4           COM1
          3           COM2
          6           Floppy controller
          7           LPT1
          9           Graphics card
          12          PS/2 mouse port
          14          Hard drive controller

    The hard drive options that are currently available from Packard Bell are Seagate 30 MB, 40 MB, 68 MB, and 100 MB in either MFM or RLL types (if requested, the company will ship with IDE hard drives).
The hard-drive controller currently being shipped is a 1:1 interleave, dual MFM/RLL controller.

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