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Microsoft MS-DOS is not a retail product. Microsoft licenses MS-DOS to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to sell with their computers. This includes the Microsoft MS-DOS packaged product, which some OEMs bundle with their machines.

Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 is also licensed to OEMs. Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 includes a new installation program designed to set up a brand-new machine. If necessary, Setup will partition and format the hard disk before installing MS-DOS. When installing MS-DOS version 5.0 over an earlier version of MS-DOS on a hard disk, SETUP.EXE will delete the previous MS-DOS files, rename your previous AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files, and install MS-DOS 5.0, including new AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.

Note: This information is based on the Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 packaged product. Depending on an OEM's licensing agreement with Microsoft, SETUP.EXE may be changed by the OEM. For details on a particular OEM's SETUP.EXE, see your MS-DOS 5.0 documentation, or ask your OEM or dealer.

Microsoft is also introducing something new: the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade. Unlike Microsoft MS-DOS, the Upgrade is a Microsoft retail product, sold by Microsoft in the same way as Word or Windows.

Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade is intended for those who have MS-DOS version 2.11 or later and who want to upgrade their current MS-DOS system to version 5.0. Because it assumes that you already have an MS-DOS system in place, the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade disks are not bootable. The Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade's SETUP.EXE will upgrade the current MS-DOS system to version 5.0, and it will not partition, repartition, or format a hard disk while doing so.

Because of the issues involved in upgrading from any OEM's MS-DOS 2.11 (or later) to MS-DOS 5.0, one of the features of the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade is the option to return to the previous version of MS-DOS. Should you decide, for any reason, to return to the previous MS-DOS system, the UNINSTALL option will allow you to do so easily.

The differences between Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade and Microsoft MS-DOS 5 are as follows:
    Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade can be purchased in retail outlets. According to Microsoft licensing agreements, MS-DOS can be purchased only with a computer from the OEM, or as an upgrade from the OEM.
    The Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade SETUP.EXE program is different from the Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 SETUP.EXE.
    Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade allows you to uninstall and return to the previous MS-DOS system.
    Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade disks are nonbootable. Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0, like previous versions of MS-DOS, contains a bootable floppy disk.
    Several network redirectors ship with Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade to make it easier to upgrade a networked machine.
    Technical support for the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade is available for the first 90 days of product ownership by calling (425) 646-5104. Technical support for the OEM version should be obtained from the OEM, or as an alternative, from Microsoft at (900) 896-9000.
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