Ventura Publisher on a Full-Page Genius Display (71051)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 8.0
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 6.x
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS 7.x

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When you use Ventura Publisher with a Micro Display Systems (MDS) Genius full-page display, the mouse cursor may not move smoothly (jerky or notchy movements). If you are having trouble with any version of Ventura Publisher on an MDS Genius, the best solution is to upgrade to the Microsoft Mouse driver version 8.00. The driver upgrade may be ordered through Microsoft Sales Information Center (MSIC) by calling (800) 426-9400.

This information applies to Microsoft Mouse driver versions 8.00 and earlier for MS-DOS systems.


The following table shows the results of tests performed with the MDS Genius and Ventura Publisher:
                      Ventura        Ventura        Ventura
                     Publisher      Publisher      Publisher
                        2.0            3.0            3.0
                     (DOS/GEM)        (Win)         (DOS/GEM)
                   |             |               |             |
Driver 6.24b       |  Works      |    Works      |   Works     |
                   |             |               |             |
                   |             |               |             |
Driver 7.04        |  Jerky*     |    Works      |   Jerky*    |
                   |             |               |             |
                   |             |               |             |
Driver 8.00        |  Works      |    Works      |   Works     |
                   |             |               |             |
* Rather than moving smoothly on the screen, the mouse cursor moves in discreet increments only. It appears to move in a step-wise manner -- jerky or notchy.

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For more information regarding Ventura Publisher, contact Xerox Ventura Publisher support.

For more information regarding the MDS Genius full-page display, contact Micro Display Systems Inc.

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