MS-DOS 5 Upgrade README.TXT: Notes on Windows (71875)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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4.1 DOS Applications in Expanded Memory

If you load device drivers and memory-resident programs into the upper memory area, and you run DOS applications that use expanded memory under Windows 3.0, specify the RAM switch with the DEVICE=EMM386.EXE command in your CONFIG.SYS file.

4.2 "Unable to start Enhanced Mode Windows" Message

If you start Windows enhanced mode 3.0, and get a message stating "EMM386: Unable to start Enhanced Mode Windows due to invalid path specification for EMM386", add the /y=path switch to the DEVICE=EMM386.EXE command in your CONFIG.SYS file. "Path" specifies the location of the EMM386.EXE file when you start Windows.

For example, if the EMM386.EXE file is in the \DOS directory on drive C, your command would look like this:

DEVICE=EMM386.EXE /y=c:\dos\emm386.exe

4.3 WINA20.386 File

Setup installs a read-only file named WINA20.386 in your root directory.

If you move the WINA20.386 file to a different directory, do the following:
    Add a SWITCHES=/W command to your CONFIG.SYS file.
    Add a DEVICE=[drive:][path]]WINA20.386 command to the [386Enh] section of your Windows SYSTEM.INI file.

4.4 Windows/286 2.1

If you run Windows/286 2.1 with MS-DOS 5.0, use PIF Editor to specify a value of 128 in the KB Required option for COMMAND.COM. For information about using PIF Editor and PIF options, see the "Microsoft Windows User's Guide."

4.5 "High Memory Area in Use" Message (Windows/386 2.1)

You cannot run Windows/386 2.1 when MS-DOS 5.0 is loaded into the high memory area. Also, the MS-DOS 5.0 versions of SMARTDRV.SYS and RAMDRIVE.SYS are not compatible with Windows/386 2.1. To run Windows/386 2.1 with MS-DOS 5.0, use the versions of SMARTDRV.SYS and RAMDRIVE.SYS that came with Windows and remove the DOS=HIGH command, if any, from your CONFIG.SYS file.

4.6 "Cannot run Windows in standard mode" Message

If you have a DEVICE=EMM386.EXE command in your CONFIG.SYS file, you cannot run Windows 3.0 in standard mode. Either remove the DEVICE=EMM386.EXE command or run Windows in real or enhanced mode.

NOTE: Using EMM386 may reduce the amount of extended memory available to Windows and cause Windows to try to start in standard mode. To prevent this, reduce the amount of extended memory that other device drivers use. For example, if you are using SMARTDrive, try setting the MinCacheSize parameter to 0.

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