MS-DOS 5 README.TXT: Notes on Memory Management (72161)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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The following information was taken from the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 README.TXT file. This is the packaged product of MS-DOS version 5.0 that is licensed to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).


4.1 Problems Loading into the Upper Memory Area

Some computers with hard disk controllers, specifically bus master DMA controllers, may not be able to load device drivers or programs into the upper memory area. Try adding a DEVICE=SMARTDRV.SYS command before any DEVICEHIGH commands in your CONFIG.SYS file.

4.2 Intel Expanded-Memory Driver (EMM.SYS)

Use the Intel expanded-memory driver NE or E switch when installing the driver for Above Board. See your Above Board documentation for more information.

4.3 Phoenix BIOS and HIMEM.SYS

If your system includes a Phoenix BIOS and MS-DOS 5.0 doesn't work correctly, try adding a /machine:1 or /machine:8 switch to the DEVICE=HIMEM.SYS command in your CONFIG.SYS file.

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