UNDELETE Won't Work If the Subdirectory Has Been Removed (72517)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Removing the subdirectory after deleting files contained within the subdirectory will cause UNDELETE to fail even if the MIRROR /t<drive> command is running. To recover deleted files, re-create the subdirectory with the MKDIR (MD) command, then use the UNDELETE feature.

The UNDELETE command defaults to the current directory. If the subdirectory of the root had been deleted, the default directory is the root directory. For multiple subdirectory structures, the default is the next higher subdirectory.

Note: MIRROR /t<drive> must be running prior to any file deletion.


When you are running MIRROR /t<drive> in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to track deleted files, observe caution before removing the subdirectory where the files were located.

If the deleted files are located in a subdirectory that has been removed with the RMDIR (RD) command, all possibilities for file undeletion are lost unless the subdirectory is re-created with the MKDIR (MD) command prior to UNDELETE.

Additional information using the UNDELETE command is located in the version 5.0 "Microsoft MS-DOS User's Guide and Reference," Chapter 4, Working with Files, page 90, Recovering Deleted Files; and Chapter 14, Commands, page 579, UNDELETE.

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