Unable to LOADHIGH Correctly After NET5.COM Loaded (73034)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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On a Novell network, you may have difficulty loading device drivers high after running NET5.COM. Drivers loaded after NET5 may exhibit two characteristics:
    The driver loads in conventional memory.
    The driver name is missing, contains only hyphens, or has a nonsense name when viewed using the "MEM /C | MORE" command.


NET5.COM is a redirector provided by Novell to update network operations for MS-DOS version 5.0. It is loaded in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. After NET5 is loaded, LOADHIGH statements do not operate properly. Loading NET5 high or low doesn't make a difference.


Currently the only workaround is to load all desired programs high BEFORE running NET5.


   prompt $p$g
   loadhigh c:\mouse1\mouse.com
   loadhigh c:\dos\doskey.com
   loadhigh [drive][path]\ipx.exe
   loadhigh [drive][path]\net5.com
The above mentioned problem would occur if Doskey or Mouse were loaded after NET5.COM regardless of NET5 loading high or low.

NET5.COM is a redirector provided by Novell for use with MS-DOS 5.0; Net5 was not developed by Microsoft. The products included here are manufactured by vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability.

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