Manual Installation of Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade (73257)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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If the Setup routine for MS-DOS version 5.0 fails, try manually installing Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade as described in this article.

NOTE: The manual installation does not produce an Uninstall disk like the normal upgrade; therefore, you cannot easily return to your previous version.


To manually install Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade, do the following:

    Back up all of your current files.
    Insert the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Disk 1 in drive A and type the following command:

    a: setup /f

    This creates a set of bootable MS-DOS 5.0 floppy disks (the procedure requires seven 5.25-inch disks or four 3.5-inch disks).
    Start the machine with the Startup disk (5.25 inch) or Startup/Support disk (3.5 inch). Check to ensure that all partitions can be accessed and the machine is working correctly.
    If repartitioning is desired, now is the time to use the MS-DOS 5.0 FDISK command. Insert the disk that contains FDISK.EXE (5.25-inch Startup disk; 3.5-inch Startup/Support disk), type FDISK, and follow the instructions. After you run FDISK, run FORMAT.
    If you can access all drives, insert the floppy disk that contains SYS.COM (5.25-inch Startup disk; 3.5-inch Startup/Support disk) into drive A and type SYS C:. This program makes the C: drive boot MS-DOS 5.0.
    Create an OLDDOS directory and copy all of the files from your current DOS directory to the OLDDOS directory. Then, delete your old MS-DOS files in the DOS directory. For example:

    COPY C:\DOS\*.* C:\OLDDOS\*.*

    Copy the MS-DOS 5.0 files from the bootable floppy disks to the DOS directory on your hard drive. For example:

    COPY A:*.* C:\DOS\*.*

    If you are using Microsoft Windows, copy the WINA20.386 file to the root directory of drive C. This file is necessary for Windows 3.0 to work correctly. The WINA20.386 file is located on the Utility disk (5.25-inch) or Basic/Edit/Utility disk (3.5-inch). Insert the disk into your floppy disk drive (for example drive A) and type the following command:

    copy a:WINA20.386 c:\

    Update your current CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files referring to CONFIG.NEW and AUTOEXEC.NEW located on the first floppy disk.

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