Requirements to Run SETUP /F from 3.5- to 5.25-Inch Drives (73414)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

This article was previously published under Q73414


If you are using 3.5-inch Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade disks and you try to run SETUP /F and the following conditions are true, the installation program fails and generates one of the following messages:
    The target disk drive is 1.2 MB.
    The target disks are low density.
    the target disks are unformatted.


The SETUP /F program requires the target (destination) media to have a capacity greater than or equal to the source media. This means that 360K disks cannot be reliably used to create MS-DOS 5.0 floppy disks from the 720K MS-DOS 5.0 upgrade disks. The problem occurs because it is currently impossible to detect media type of an unformatted floppy disk.

If an unformatted 360K disk is used in a high-density drive, the installation program tries to format the disk as a 1.2 MB disk. This does not work reliably.

If the 360K disk is already formatted or the disk drive is low density, an error message is generated, and the Setup program is halted.

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