Disabling or Re-Enabling Mouse in MS-DOS Shell (73442)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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After you respond to the following message when starting MS-DOS version 5.0 Shell,

Warning: You do not have a current mouse driver..."
a line is added to the DOSSHELL.INI file if you are using an old Microsoft or Logitech mouse driver. If you choose to to disable the mouse, the following line is added:
   mouseinfo = <ver>,disabled
If you choose to use the mouse anyway, the following line is added:
   mouseinfo = <ver>,ignore
To disable or re-enable the mouse in the MS-DOS Shell, these lines can be edited using a text editor such as MS-DOS Editor, or deleted from the DOSSHELL.INI file. Deleting the MOUSEINFO = line causes the following message to be displayed when Shell is restarted:

Warning: You do not have a current mouse driver...


If you obtain an updated mouse driver, you do not need to manually edit the DOSSHELL.INI file. Upon loading Shell into memory using an updated mouse driver, the MOUSEINFO = line in DOSSHELL.INI will be changed to:
   mouseinfo =
At this point, the mouse will be enabled in Shell.

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