Everex, Priam Partitions, and MS-DOS 5.0 (73611)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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According to Everex technical support, the only way to upgrade to MS-DOS version 5.0 if the partition is not accessible by MS-DOS 5.0 is to low- level format the drive. This applies to drives partitioned with Everex or Priam partitioning software prior to upgrading to MS-DOS 5.0.


Section 2.1 of the README.TXT file that comes with Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade discusses Priam and Everex partitioning software. It suggests installing to floppy disks and then checking to see if the partitions are accessible by MS-DOS 5.0. It does not explain what to do in the event that the partitions are inaccessible. Before trying a low-level format, do the following:

    Back up the hard drive using the previous version of MS-DOS, or a third party backup/restore utility such as Norton's Backup, PC Tools Backup, or FastBack.
    Attempt to delete the partitions with MS-DOS 5.0 FDISK.EXE.
    If you can delete the partitions, re-create new ones using FDISK.EXE, and then format the drive. If you cannot delete the partitions, low-level format the drive and then partition the disk.
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