Use of the [Savestate] Section of the DOSSHELL.INI File (73743)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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The [savestate] section of the DOSSHELL.INI file holds information that the MS-DOS SHELL may change during operation. These settings will usually not be changed by the user. This article describes the items in this section.


  Setting           Description
   -------              -----------

   screenmode=          Determines the startup screen mode (text,

   resolution=          Determines startup resolution (low, medium,

   startup=             Determines what view mode to start in
                        (filemanager, programstarter).

   filemanagermode=     Determines what mode file manager is in
                        (shared, singletree, twotree, systemtree).

   sortkey=             Key to sort by (name, date, size).

   pause=               Determines if Shell should prompt for "Press a
                        key" on startup (enabled, disabled).

   explicitselection=   Determines if addmode is enabled in the file
                        manager tree (enabled, disabled).

   swapmouse=           Switch mouse buttons (enabled, disabled).

   tasklist=            Determines if the tasklist is displayed in the
                        program manager (enabled, disabled).

   switching=           Determines if the task swapper should be
                        enabled (enabled, disabled).

   sortorder=           Determines ascending/descending sort order
                        (ascending, descending).

   displayhiddenfiles=  Determines if hidden files are displayed
                        (enabled, disabled).

   replaceconfirm=      Determines if confirmation should be used when
                        replacing files (enabled, disabled).

   mouseconfirm=        Determines if confirmation should be used on
                        mouse operations (enabled, disabled).

   crossdirselection=   Determines if cross-directory selection is on
                        (enabled, disabled).

   videodir=            The directory where the .VID/.GRB files are
                        located (for example: C:\DOS).

   listkeydelay=        Number of 18ths of a second to delay between
                        keystrokes while typing into a list box before
                        restarting at the start of a word. If this is
                        set, you can type in the name of a file as you
                        can on a Macintosh. (20 is a normal value.)

   tandykeyboard=       Support for Tandy keyboards (enabled, disabled.)

   readupdatefreq=      How often to update the numbers when reading
                        in a directory.

   mouseinfo=           The version of the mouse driver if it is old
                        and whether to use it anyway or not (enabled,

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