MS-DOS Shell Does Not Update the Directory Tree with CTRL+F5 (74199)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system

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If a directory is created when shelled out of Microsoft MS-DOS Shell, SHELL will only recognize the new directory by performing a full scan. This can be done with the F5 key, or through the View pull-down menu by choosing Refresh.

CTRL+F5 is listed in the online help as:
   CTRL+F5     Update the file list for the current directory
This will not cause a new directory to appear in the tree.


This problem can be reproduced by doing the following;

    Start the SHELL.
    Press SHIFT+F9 to start a DOS prompt.
    Type MD TEST at the DOS prompt.
    Type EXIT to return to the SHELL.
    Press CTRL+F5. No change in the directory tree will occur.
    Press F5. SHELL will re-scan the hard drive, and the new directory will appear.

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