General Information About MS-DOS 5.0 and Intel Boards (74581)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Through its FaxBACK system, Intel Corporation provides information on the compatibility of the following boards with Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0:

Above Board
Fax boards
Inboard 386 (PC and AT)
SnapIn 386

This information was created by Intel Corporation. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding its content.


The list of MS-DOS 5.0 articles available from FaxBACK include:
   Document Number         Fax Title
   ---------------         ---------

   1156                    DOS 5.0 and Above Board (Classic Bus)
   1556                    DOS 5.0 and Above Board (Micro Channel)
   4252                    DOS 5.0 and Fax Boards
   1158                    DOS 5.0 and Upper Memory Blocks
   1250                    DOS 5.0 and the High Memory Area
   6054                    DOS 5.0 and Netport
   2051                    DOS 5.0 and Inboard 386 (AT - same as 2650)
   2650                    DOS 5.0 and Inboard 386 (PC - same as 2051)
   2850                    DOS 5.0 and SnapIn 386
This information can be obtained by calling Intel's automated FaxBACK Information System at the following numbers:

(800) 525-3019
(503) 629-7576 (international)

Intel Corporation technical support can be reached at:

(503) 629-7000
(503) 629-7354 (international)

For more information, query on the above fax titles.

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