Using Keystrokes in MS-DOS 5.0 or Later Shell (74638)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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The following is a list of the keyboard commands that you can use instead of a mouse in MS-DOS 5.0 or later Shell:
   Keystroke(s)           Function
   ------------           --------

   ALT or F10             Selects the menu bar.

   ALT+<first letter of   Opens specified menu. For example, ALT+F
        menu option>      opens the File menu.

   TAB                    Moves among areas of Shell. In the default
                          configuration, this will move you from the
                          Drive icons -> Directory Tree -> Main Group
                          -> Drive icons.

   SHIFT+TAB              Reverses the direction.

   Arrow keys             Moves within an area or menu of Shell.

   PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN   Scrolls up or down one window.

   SHIFT+F5               Repaints screen.

   F5                     Reads all the files on the current disk
                          drive, just as it does when you start MS-DOS
                          Shell, and repaints screen. This will
                          update the File List to reflect files deleted
                          or added.

   CTRL+<drive letter>    Selects the drive specified.

   F1                     Activates a HELP Window containing
                          information about the selected menu.

   SHIFT+F9               Shells to command prompt using COMSPEC
                          variable; does not exit Shell.

   ALT+F4 or F3           Exits MS-DOS Shell.
   or Alt+F,X

File List

   HOME or CTRL+HOME      Scrolls to the beginning of the list.

   END or CTRL+END        Scrolls to the end of the list.

   SHIFT+F8               Turns ADD mode on/off to select files.

   SPACEBAR               Selects the files (must be in ADD mode).

   CTRL+SLASH (/)         "Selects All" files.

   CTRL+BACKSLASH (\)     "Cancels All" files.

   F9                     Views file contents.

   F7                     Moves files to different drive or directory.

   F8                     Copies files to different drive or directory.

   SHIFT+ENTER            Adds a program to the Active Task List.

Directory Tree

   CTRL+F5                Updates a directory after making changes to
                          files in a directory.

   +                      Expands the directory to view the

   -                      Collapses branch(es).

   CTRL+ASTERISK (*)      Expands all directories.

Active Task List

   ALT+TAB                Switches to the next application in the
                          Active Task List.

   CTRL+ESC               Switches to MS-DOS Shell from any program.

   DEL                    Deletes a program from the Active Task List.

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