Required Mouse Drivers for MS-DOS 5.0 or 6.0 Shell (74641)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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This article contains a list of the required driver versions for popular mice to operate correctly with the Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0 or later Shell.


Mouse manufacturer:         CompuAdd
Required driver version:    CMOUSE (CompuAdd uses names instead of numbers)
Contact phone number:       (800) 999-9901
BBS number:                 (512) 250-3226

Mouse manufacturer:         DAK Industries
Required driver version:    BSR bus 3.65 or later
Contact phone number:       (800) 395-9876

Mouse manufacturer:         Dexxa
Required driver version:    5.0 or later (5.01 or later Logitech mouse
Logitech phone number:      (510) 795-0427
BBS number:                 (510) 795-0408

Mouse manufacturer:         Expert Systems
Required driver version:    3.0
Contact phone number:       (417) 572-2700 (Driver is free if mouse
                            is dated after 3/91, otherwise, there
                            is a $19.95 cost plus $4.00 shipping

Mouse manufacturer:         Genius (KYE International)
Required driver version:    9.06 or later
Contact phone number:       (714) 590-3940 Customer service
                            (714) 923-2417 Technical support
BBS number:                 (714) 923-8454

Mouse manufacturer:         Laser Computer
Required driver version:    Laser Mouse Driver 7.0 or later
Laser technical support:    (708) 540-5022
BBS number:                 (708) 540-0850

Mouse manufacturer:         Logitech
Required driver version:    5.01 or later
Contact phone number:       (510) 795-0427
BBS number:                 (510) 795-0408

Mouse manufacturer:         Marstek, Inc.
Required driver version:    Marstek mouse driver 6.01b or later
Contact phone number:       (714) 833-7740

Mouse manufacturer:         Microsoft
Required driver version:    6.21 or later
Contact phone numbers:      If current driver is 6.14 or earlier:
                            (425) 646-5104
                            If current driver is later than 6.14:
                            (800) 426-9400

Mouse manufacturer:         Mouse Systems
Required driver version:    7.01 or later
Contact phone number:       (510) 656-1117
BBS number:                 (510) 683-0617

Mouse manufacturer:         Packard Bell
Required driver version:    3.0 or later
Contact phone number:       (818) 886-2098

Mouse manufacturer:         Znix
Required driver version:    7.04D or later
Contact phone number:       N/A
BBS number:                 (714) 629-9065
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