Direct Access 5.1 Under MS-DOS 5.0 (75060)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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If you try to use Direct Access version 5.1 with Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0, you may not be able to access Direct Access, or Direct Access may lock up when you try to load a batch file into a menu.


If you can't get into Direct Access after you load MS-DOS 5.0, you must delete the Direct Access directory and reinstall the program. You must remove the directory as well as the files from your disk.

If you want to save your menus and custom configuration, do the following:

    You must save MENU.*, CUSTOM.*, and *.LST files to another directory by using the following commands:
          copy menu.* [drive:[path]]
          copy custom.* [drive:[path]]
          copy *.lst [drive:[path]]

    After reinstalling Direct Access, you need to copy the old files into the new Direct Access directory.


Direct Access is known to have problems when a deletion tracker is loaded. For example, the MS-DOS MIRROR /T command can cause Direct Access to lock up under MS-DOS 5.0 when you try to load a batch file into a menu. When Direct Access locks, the following error message is displayed:

File "AUTOEXEC.BAT" is a batch file.
DIRECT ACCESS requires the word BATCH to be placed in front of batch files in order to return to the menu

Do you want DIRECT ACCESS to place the word BATCH in front of the filename

Normally, a beep accompanies this message. In some cases, the sound is continuous and causes the computer to hang.

To work around this problem:

    From the Main menu, select the Maintenance menu.
    Select Program Configuration.
    Change the "BEEP ON ERROR" option to "OFF".
You should now be able to load a batch file.

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